Why are consultations so important?

Consultations are a vital part of your hairdressing service. Without them, how will your Stylist truely know what you are after? A consultation should be the perfect symphony between the hairdressing world and the client world. This is the point where magic begins. So how can you as a client get the best out of your consultation and provide your hairdresser with all the insight they need?

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  1. Don't be shy No we don't bite. Even though we look like we have it all going on, at the end of the day, we are human and there to service you. If you hold back, we will never know your true personality and find it hard to get information out of you. Own that shit...and be who you really are. If your Stylist puts you down or makes you feel uncomfortable, then I suggest you get up and walk away.

  2. Bring in photos Pinterest photos are not lame. They help us understand what look you are after, especially if you have trouble with the correct hairdressing terms. My only advice is to make sure the person in the photo has similar hair texture and thickness to you and you are realistic about your requests. A good Stylist will tell you if it's unachievable and alternernative ways to create what you are after

  3. Don't expect your hair to look like the photo. Photos should be an inspiration. Hairdressing is not a cookie cutting excercise so we can get your hair close to what you are after but there will be differences depending on your hair type and colour. Photos are also edited, filtered and lit in ways to make them more visually appealling.

  4. Give clear and consistent information It's hard to consult if a client doesn't even have a ballpark idea of what they want. Similarly, if a client keeps changing their mind in a consultation, then we find it hard to plan the look you are after. Make sure you have a clear idea and stick to it. Your Stylist can steer you in the right direction if the look is unachievable.

  5. Listen very carefully You show us the pics, describe what you want and ask for our opinion. Now please listen very carefully to our thoughts. If it's doable we will say so. If not we will explain the process of what is achievable. So at that point, please drop the fantasy you have ingrained in your mind and be a realist. We will explain what will suit you, set out a contingency plan and tell you how to make the most of your hair.

  6. Be aware of the limitations of your hair We all have the ideal hair that we visualize having. We would also all love to ride a unicorn to work everyday but in reality, some things just ain't gonna happen. If you have fine hair, we cannot cut your hair to look thick. Embrace your hair the way it is and learn to make the most of it. Good hair is not born, it is made possible by a kick ass Stylist who works with what you have.

  7. Lying only makes it worse. If you tell us hair lies, the results will show this, but we can usually figure this out beforehand anyway. If we can see black die in your hair but you swear you have never coloured it, you are not doing either of us any favors. We are not here to hair shame you. So you box dyed your hair. No need to feel guilty but we do need to know these things as colour reacts differently on pre coloured hair. Please let us know of any previous bleaching services now covered by brown dye. We will find this out when your hair snaps while coloring. Get the point! We only ask you these things to get the best colour possible and keep the integrity of your hair.

  8. We talk products and treatments for a reason. This is because we truely believe in them. Not because we need to make a quota for the month. By you using good quality products, it makes our job easier and our work look better. This helps you style your hair more successfully and have a kick ass colour for longer. Treatments are a must after any colouring service. It puts the nutrients back in your hair and holds your colour longer. We all use shampoo and conditioner so why not let the person who has just spent 3 hours on your hair be the one who tells you what is best for it.

  9. If you need a quote, just ask. Prices vary greatly in our industry and each salon has their reasoning for what they charge. Here at Birdie are color prices are based on time and amount of product used. If cost is an issue, please ask or come in for a consultation. We would much rather quote you, then have you feel uncomfortable the whole service. But be aware, we value what we do and in the end you do get what you pay for.

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And finally...

  1. Please don't ask us if it will look good. Come on. This one is a no brainer. We wouldn't do anything that doesn't suit you and if we believe it will look bad on you, we will steer you in another direction. And what kind of response were you thinking you would get anyway?

So there you have it. The hairdresser/ client experience is a sacred one and like all good relationships, is based on truth, honesty, clear communication and effort on both sides. Heres to a long and happy hair dating life.💋