If your blonde is looking sad, just change tones.

All blondes face it at one time or another. The dreaded 'worn blonde' look. But your blonde looked so special 6 months ago. Same hairdresser, same tones, same hair. So why does your blonde hair suddenly look like it belongs to some cash strapped stripper? Well the reason is that skin and hair tones change seasonally, along with your clothes. Fashion changes and we get used to the new look and can't even imagine how we dared look like that. (Think 90s thin brows...EEWW!) Let's never say never, because these looks will come around again. So what you liked for your hair 6 months ago, is no longer on your radar. 6 months ago everyone wanted ash. No warmth they would say! "I can still see warmth!!!" This sparked a flood of Frozen's Elsa memes. Now clients are warming up their tones again. We are seeing a lot of beige, rose gold and golden blonde tones. So instead of freaking out and yelling "I want to go brunette", read on for all the blonde tones you can play with to keep your blonde interesting.

ash blonde

ASH (Cool tone, the colour of light concrete) Blue based with a slightly deeper tone. This tone is for people who like a flat looking blonde and see warmth in everything


BEIGE (Warm/Cool tone, the colour of an fresh baked vanilla cupcake) In between warm and cool, this look is soft and neutral for those who want a slight amount of warmth.

clean blonde

CLEAN (Cool tone, the colour of vanilla cupcake icing) Not too grey, not too warm and the blonde still has brightness

warm blonde

WARM (Warm tone, the colour of McDonald French Fries) A warmer vesion of beige. Still clean and bright but without any cool tones

rose gold blonde

ROSE GOLD (Warm/Cool tone, the colour of a rose gold necklace) Slight pink tone, slight ash tone with an undertone of warmth. Blonde is slightly deeper.

silver blonde

SILVER (Cool tone, the colour of light grey tracksuit pants) Slight grey tone. Looks like an overtoned ash but still fairly clean looking

champagne blonde

CHAMPAGNE (Warm tone, the colour of pink champagne) A pink/beige tone. Has a warm look with a slight pink reflect.

strawberry blonde

STRAWBERRY (Warm tone, the colour of a penny) A pink copper tone. Deeper blonde with soft auburn tones.

copper blonde

COPPER (Warm tone, the colour of a tangerine) Has a natural looking warm orange tone. Is a deeper looking blonde.

sandy blonde

SANDY (Warm tone, the colour of sand at the beach) Golden caramel tone. Warm but still fairly neutral.

lilac blonde

LICAC (Cool tone, the colour of a purple Fruit Tingle) Pearly colour with a slight lilac hue.

golden blonde

GOLDEN (Warm tone, colour of a gold ring) Warm yellow tone

smokey blonde

SMOKEY (Cool tone, colour of an oyster shell) Beige/grey blonde. A deeper tone

pinky blonde

PINKY (Warm/cool tone, the colour of a strawberry milkshake) Clean blonde with a hue of pink

grey blonde

GREY (Cool tone, the colour of your favourite grey hoodie) The colour of grey hair when it goes salt and pepper. Be prepared to look grey.