Spilt Milk Mineral Hair Powder covers grey hairs instantly

Don't cry over Spilt Milk...but it may be upsetting when your grey hair pops out on the day of a big event. 

What is it with grey hair?
Just as you think that you can get away without colouring your grey hairs...BAM!...there they are on the day of your big event glistening in the light for all the world to see. You call your favourite Hairdresser, but of course they are booked out. Maybe a packet colour from the Supermarket, you think. Then you wisely decide this is too risky. You could use a hair crayon but that will just melt into your hair. 

Now let's enter the world of Spilt Milk. 
This Mineral Hair powder is a little piece of magic wrapped up in a cute pink and white canister. It smells so good you want to eat it right out of the packet. Yes, Vanilla Cupcake Blonde smells like a Vanilla Cupcake and Milk Chocolate Brunette smells like, well, Milk Chocolate! 

Ok, enough talk about sweets, how does it perform? 
Well, this product is literally walking off the shelves in my salon. 

The reason? 

Everyone who tries it is amazed at how well it work. 

Just shake a small amount into the lid, powder onto grey regrowth with the brush supplied and the grey is gone. It's as easy as that. It covers the grey hair for 20 hours then just disintegrates or gets washed out. This product is the most natural looking, easy to use grey coverage product that I have ever used in my 16 years of Hairdressing. 

Spilt Milk Mineral Hair Powder is Australian made with natural mineral and clays. It is completely free of dyes, alcohol, and artificial colours, and is naturally preserved. It can also be used as a Dry Shampoo (to match your hair colour) and the canister is the perfect size to fit on your handbag so you will never be caught out with pop up greys again. 

Spilt Milk comes in 6 sweet smelling colours; Vanilla Cupcake Blonde, Milk Chocolate Brunette, Raspberry Creme Redhead, Burnt Orange & Toffee Soufflé Copper, Mocha Espresso Dark Brunette and Boysenberry Black. 

Spilt Milk Mineral Hair Powder can be purchased online at our STORE and we ship within Australia and overseas.  For more information and videos go to www.spiltmilk.net.au.