Blow Dry Bars, Kim Kardashian and You

What is your definition of a blow dry? What should you expect when you ask for a blow dry at a hair salon?
The line between a skillful blow dry and a dry off and iron have become blurred.

With the recent assault of Blow Dry Bars opening up all over Melbourne, and the world for that fact, is there really enough skilled hairdressers to sustain these franchises and what quality hairdresser would choose to blow dry all day, every day. 

When we study hairdressing at trade school, one of the hardest tasks to master is the blow dry. Yes, it is easy to dry the hair and run a brush through it. The real skill is controlling, smoothing and then moulding the hair into the desired shape to achieve a blow dry that will last the client a week... yes a week! A good quality blow dry should last you this long and this is due to the skill of the stylist. 

With the introduction in the mid 2000's of the ceramic hair straighteners, clients felt less of a need to have their hair blow dried in salons as they could straighten their own hair at home. 

Then along came Kim Kardashian and the Hollywood blow dry was born once again. The hair straightener companies tried to replicate this look for the 'do at homers'. The problem was that the average person struggled with all the twisting and turning and soon realised that it didn't look as good as the magazines and they were burning their hair in the process. Listen carefully; Kim Kardashian and all the other celebritiesdo not do their own hair at home and no you will not be able to replicate their hairstyles yourself. Their hair is styled weekly, twice weekly or even daily by a professional hair stylist. That is how they achieve the body, the shine and the effortless look. This is the only way that the average person can achieve such a look. A look that still lasts at 3am and makes you look amazing in the harsh reality of a nightclub bathroom.

Now back to the blow dry bars. If you are getting a 'blow dry' that involves a wash, dry off and straighten or curl with the irons then this is not a blow dry. Save yourself the $40 and do it yourself! Otherwise, treat yourself, visit your hairdresser and demand a proper blow dry done the old school way with brushes and pizzazz.  The result will be amazing Hollywood worthy hair for a whole week, paparazzi not included!