Balayage blonde

Why is my blonde hair breaking?

blonde hair

So you love being blonde! So pretty yet so fragile at the same time. We all know that blonde hair requires upkeep and care but there is nothing worse then when you think you are doing everything right yet your blonde hair keeps breaking. Here we show you some ways to reduce breakage and get the most from your blonde hair.

Put the irons down or at least turn them down:

Straightening your hair every day is a big no no and especially on blonde hair. The best option is to blow dry blonde hair and if you must iron it then keep it to twice a week max and turn the temperature down to the lowerst setting. It will still straighten the hair but is not as harsh and will do less damage.

Use Olaplex or a similar hair treatment once a week.

Blonde hair needs lovin care but only once a week is ample. You don't want to overload the hair. No need to walk around for 20 min with glad wrap on your head, 5 min in the shower instead of conditioner is better than nothing at all or sleep in it and rinse out in the morning. We recommend Olaplex No3 $49.95 or Mr Smith Masque $45.

And speaking of treatments...

Keep Protein to a minimum

Protein shampoos and treatments are designed to build fine hair but can also harden the hair. Blonde hair is traditionally hard and grittier so protein will just harden it more and cause it to snap. If your hair is breaking 3-4 weeks after your colour than this could be the main cause. Instead alternate your protein with a moisture based treatment.

Tying your hair up wet or too often

Bleached or lightened hair has had the cuticle removed so the diameter of the hair is thinner than uncoloured hair, therefore more prone to breaking. Wet hair should not be brushed or tied up, instead combed and dried off before tying up. Tying up wet hair also causes bacteria to form as the scalp doesn't have air, therefore will start to mould, which causes dry scalp and dandruff. Tying your hair up too often as a blonde isn't ideal either as the hair ties can cause the already thinner hair to break. If you have a line of breakage that is the same around the head then this is most likely caused form your hair tie. Instead, tie it up loosely or jump on the latest trend and wear a scrunchy.

Always comb hair with a detangling spray.

Before you even put a comb near your head, make sure you have a heat protector/detangling spray in the hair. This helps smooth out knots but gives the hair a smoother surface so there is less friction from the comb, causing less breakage. We recommend Schwarzkopf Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner $29.95 or Fibre Force Primer $29.95.

...And lastly make sure you have a kick ass colourist that undersatnds blonde hair. Do your research and find out who specialises in blonde. They will be able to give you advice on the best tones to suit your skin, the process and aftercare.