Stranger Things has shown us how to wear 80s hair and we are craving it

Stranger Things crept into our lives in 2016 with not only the most lovable new characters on TV but also showcasing the coolest 80s gear as well. This show has made fashion just as important as the nail biting storyline. But more importantly the hair has allowed some old favourites to return and get us all crushing on these latest looks.



Every girl wants to be her and every boy wants to date her. We watched he grow out her shave from Season 1 and go through that awkward phase in Season 2, and we are now met with some very cool tussled curls in Season 3. Teamed with a new wardrobe and a scruchie she brings back ‘no fuss hair’.



Season 2 and 3’s hottie and also baddie. Who doesn’t love a hot bad boy. With aviator sunglasses, a mullet and a mo the shirtless hunk swoons all the ladies, even the married ones. But we can’t deny how cool and retro that blonde, curly mullet is. It has become the must have look for the local tradies.

Dustin Stranger Things


Sporting the white man’s afro, the cute kid with the lisp has owned his curls through 3 seasons. With or without a truckers cap we all want his locks. They are personality plus. And who can forget the very cool gelled back look for the dance.



This girl gets to wear the coolest outfits with a hairstyle to match. Curls loosely pulled up and hair combs to create puffed out sides. She is the girly girl of the 80s.




The bully turned sweetheart has a great head of hair. A soft mullet with a Johnny Depp style fringe. High or floppy, we love his hair both ways.


Embrace the retro look. It's low maintenance and oh so hot right now!