Policies and Procedures Manual

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Policies and Procedures Manual


One of the most important tools for your business, a Policies and Procedures Manual will

  • Outline the Mission Statement and culture of your company

  • Allow you to communicate the most common rules of your business

  • Let’s employees start work knowing what is required of them within your company

  • Sets a standard for all employees

  • Represent your company as professional and show you act in good faith for your employees

  • Protects you against any Workplace Employee legal issues that may arise.

  • Fulfil your Fairwork Employer requirements

This manual will be downloaded in Word Format and is editable where needed. We have prompted you where important details need to be added

Covers all areas of staff employment including presentation, client care, training, meetings, wages, bullying and much more.

Especially designed for the Hairdressing Industry

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