Is this a disaster in a box?

L'Oreal has jumped on board the Ombre and Balliage trend by  launc hing the DIY Wild Ombre kit. Ombre is an extremely technical service to perfor m to achieve the look of a blended grown out feel and we usually blend 2 colours to get the look. We have even seen certain cases where qualified hairdressers have gotten this look wrong. So what makes L'Oreal think the average person with no hairdressing experience can accieve this look themselves at home using a packet from the Supermarket. Firstly, the kit will contain some sort of bleaching agent, which we would never recommend to use without prior colour knowledge as this can do some serious damage to your hair and may even result in the hair snapping. The colour then lightens your hair without a toner which can only mean one thing...ORANGE! It also does not take into account existing colour in the hair. It then instructs you to apply the colour using the supplied plastic brush. This is not the method we use in salon and doing it this way will create lines in the hair, not a subtle blend. We never recommend doing your own hair colour at home especially with a Supermarket packet colour but we would say use this product at your own risk and prepare for disaster. The money you think you are saving will mean nothing once you then have to fork out a small fortune at your local salon to get it fixed. Sometimes it is just better to get your colour done professionally and right the first time. After all, your worth it.

Loreal ombré .jpg