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-Legally Blonde

The Blonde Room (blog)

the blonde room
Why are consultations so important?

If you are struggling to get across to your hairdresser what you are after, here are a few consultation tips to help you get the best of your hair experience

If your blonde is looking sad, just change tones.

Tired of the same old blonde tones. Here we give you a rundown of all the blonde tones you could dream of.

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Latest News

Hair Models Required for Apprentice Training

Birdie requires hair models for Apprentice  Hair Up, Cutting and Colouring training sessions.
These sessions take place on Wednesday mornings from 10am.   
To apply please click here or call us on 98597721.


Are all Hair Extensions the Same?

Confused about the differences in price and quality with Hair Extensions? 

 Click the following links for detailed information